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CHMM - Custom HomeMenu Manager 3

Gestore temi per 3DS, sviluppato in LUA

  1. StandardBus
    With this homebrew, through a simple menu you can choose what theme you want to install and interchange them rapidly and safely.
    You can also add a preview in .PNG format with your own theme that will be showed on TOP_SCREEN (if the PNG is too big for the screen, it can be "explored" through Circle Pad).

    In the RAR file you'll find a 3DSX, a 3DS and a CIA build for this homebrew.

    Themes must be putted in Themes folder in their own folder (named as you want).
    Themes folder for 3DS and CIA users must be putted in root of SD Card.


    A - Install theme
    START - Exit homebrew
    R = Fast switch Bottom/Top screen previews

    Download: http://rinnegatamante.netsons.org/CHMM3.rar
    Source: https://github.com/Rinnegatamante/CHMM

    - Smealum for libctru
    - Sliter, Zerousen for the official banner
    - Apache Thunder, Dan_Az, Necrojinsei for the good work on alternative banners

    Off Topic: Now to all Theme Makers: i want an awesome Mirai Nikki theme :evil:


    Ninjhax users:

    Theme files: sdmc:/3DS/CHMM/Themes/MyThemeName/
    Previews: sdmc:/3DS/CHMM/Themes/MyThemeName/preview.png
    GW users:

    Theme files: sdmc:/Themes/MyThemeName/
    Previews: sdmc:/Themes/MyThemeName/preview.png