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POPStarter r13 WIP05

Ultima versione stabile rilasciata per POPStarter

  1. Wombat
    Pacchetto contenente i file base del launcher POPStarter r13 WIP05 e il software CUE2POPS utilizzato per convertire i file immagine bin/cue in VCD (Virtual CDROM format). Contiene anche i Game Fixes da utilizzare con alcuni giochi. Changelog:

    * POPStarter Revision 13, Build Date : 2015/06/03, WIP 05 PUBLIC RELEASE
    - Bugfixed : IOP reset code misalignment that randomly caused a fatal IOP crash before the POPS execution (doh !)
    - Integration of all the current game fixes TROJANs to POPStarter (but the Casper ones, because they need some serious reworks). Updated 5-AUTOMATED.TXT.
    - Integration of the Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (SLUS-01503) crash fix that was built today. I also added the TROJAN in the Game Fixes folder.
    - Added automatic compatibility mode activations for Gran Turismo v1.0 (SCUS-94194), Gran Turismo 2 (Simulation Mode) v1.0 (SCUS-94488), Gran Turismo 2 (Simulation Mode) v1.0 (SCUS-94488) and Gran Turismo 2 (Arcade Mode) v1.1 (SCUS-94455)
    - Gran Turismo (SCUS-94194) renamed as Gran Turismo v1.1 (SCUS-94194) in the internal database, because I added the identification data of Gran Turismo v1.0 (SCUS-94194)
    - Commited changes to uLE upon request, and included it in this package (uLE_kHn_20150602)
    - Corrected a mistake in 1-INSTALLATION.TXT (because POPS actually does not allow white spaces in partition names)
    NOTES : So, I tried the "partition icon to VMC folder icon" function of WIP 02. Does not work; looks like that thing never worked lol, so I don't try to reimplement it for now.