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webMAN MOD 1.47.09

Updater del plugin webMAN MOD per il CFW 4.81.

  1. lokiu.ox
    Updater dell'homebrew webMAN MOD per la versione 1.45.05, supporto al cfw 4.83.

      • Reduced refresh rate of /cpursx.ps3 from 10 to 6 times per min
      • PSID/IDPS now need a click to show in /cpursx.ps3 & /setup.ps3
      • Fan mode changes when a PS2 disc is inserted (for b/c consoles)
      • Moved option sMAN GUI in /setup.ps3
      • Fixed persistence of rec video/audio format in /setup.ps3
      • Improved auto-play after mount
      • Added support for /play.ps3<path>
      • Updated PL files & sysfiles.png (thanks to DEX357)
      • Added support for more cores to PKG/ROM launcher