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Xecuter SX OS 2.2 beta

File boot.dat da inserire nella microSD di Nintendo Switch per l'avvio di SX OS

  1. SX OS v1.3 rilasciato

    We are back once again with an exciting update for SX OS. Let's skip the drama
    for now and jump straight to the list of new goodies:

    * Add LayeredFS support

    Are you excited about any upcoming Game Mods for switch games? Well, we are! To
    accommodate this we have added what is commonly referred to as "LayeredFS" support.
    In short what this allows you to do is override specific files from a game with
    modified copies that are loaded from your microSD's (ex)FAT partition.

    Place your custom game files under the following locations on the microSD root:
    - /sxos/titles/<titleid>/exefs/
    - /sxos/titles/<titleid>/romfs/

    We can't wait to see what cool mods the community will come up with!

    * Add eShop NSP support

    This adds support for installing and launching installed eShop NSP files. This
    is still rough around the edges and for advanced users only. To install NSP
    files you need a legitimate copy of the DevMenu, which can be launched
    currently via LayeredFS. We are still working on adding a custom and easy to
    use NSP installer to our own menu system. Stay tuned!

    WARNING: We do not recommend playing online with installed eShop NSP games
    without a valid ticket, as this WILL lead to a console ban without a doubt.

    * Add low battery reconfiguration on bootup

    Some users were having battery issues after playing around with Switch Linux
    custom payload. This fixes the "battery desync" issue every time you boot your
    switch. If you weren't use Switch Linux there's nothing to worry, otherwise;
    enjoy your penguins AND enjoy your horizon OS! ;-)

    * Hide OSX Temp files in game selection menu

    If you were pestered by bogus entries in the game selection menu chances are
    high this is because you are using OSX (and Finder). We simply hide those files
    from the menu now. All cleaned up!

    * Removed eMMC password lock

    It seems a perfectly safe and easily reversible hacker challenge we put in place for aspiring hackers has been
    blown out of proportion. We are sad to see so many false claims on the internet
    and to avoid any further false accusations and 'fake news' we decided to get rid
    of it. Namaste.

    That's it for today! We'll be back soon. Team Xecuter doesn't take a break. While
    others moan on social media we work day and night to bring you the best experience
    on Nintendo Switch.
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