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PSVita [GUIDE] HENkaku Ensō

Discussione in 'English Forums' iniziata da Guglio, 9 Set 2017.

  1. Guglio

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    3 Set 2016
    Like ricevuti:
    HENkaku Ensō is the evolution of the HENkaku jailbreak. Install it once and your Vita will be permanently hacked--no need to apply it after each reboot.
    It cannot be installed on a device that runs firmwares 3.61, 3.63 or 3.65 and there is currently no known way to downgrade a PS Vita’s system software. – Additionally, HENkaku Ensō cannot be installed on any firmware that is older than version 3.60, but devices that are running those older firmwares can be manually upgraded to firmware 3.60.

    IMPORTANT: PSVITA must be activated!

    Install Ensō .vpk

    • You need to install HENkaku first
    • Open up molecularShell and press "Start" to enable the FTP server
    • Then connect using a FTP client and copy the vpk to "ux0:/data". On your Vita, browse to "ux0:/data" and select the vpk to install it


    • Then you should have a new bubble in LiveArea which you can launch to install ensō.
    • Install Henkaku by pressing CIRCLE and then CROSS


    • Press any button to reboot your VITA. Enjoy



    • How do I uninstall ensō?
    • First, note that you can "deactivate" ensō without uninstalling it by deleting "ur0:tai/boot_config.txt". You can "reactivate" it again by opening the ensō installer and using the Square option to fix the boot config. Otherwise, you can fully uninstall ensō with the Triangle option. Note that if you no longer wish to use HENkaku, you should clean up any installed homebrew before uninstalling ensō.

    • Help! I installed a bad taiHEN plugin and my Vita doesn't boot anymore!
    • You can disable taiHEN plugin loading by holding L during boot.

    • Help! I messed up something else and my Vita doesn't boot anymore!
    • You can reset allVita settings (including non-hack related ones) from safe mode by selecting "Restore the PS Vita System". You can also enter safe mode by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery during a failed boot loop. Note this does not uninstall ensō but keeps it inactive. To reactivate it, you must run the ensō installer and use the Square option to fix the boot config.
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    Great work.

    I'll have to translate something too!
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