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3DS How to create and install custom 3DS badges

Discussione in 'English Forums' iniziata da Deletr753, 3 Apr 2016.

  1. Deletr753

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    4 Mar 2016
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    Myself nor www.REBOOT.ms are responsible for any damage cause to your Nintendo 3DS or 3DSXL. Please read the tutorial carefully to Ensure no issues.

    Credit to Mr.Cheeze for GYTB.cia

    This method works with Amr9loaderHax runing AuReinand / Reinand and Menuhax with RXTools. All CFW are running on Their latest versions. Emunands are on Their latest firmware versions
    10.7.0-32 U.

    Link for GYBT.cia: https://github.com/MrCheeze/GYTB

    If you have badges in your 3ds that you have not won or are not official, doing this will delete them. You have been warned.

    No more than 1,000 pins can be in your badge folder

    The Image That You are converting into a custom badge needs to be in .PNG format

    Regular Badget size: 64x64

    Big badget size: 64x128 - The CIA will automatically split the badge to be use in the 3ds

    How to install and create custom badges for your 3ds

    1) Add the GYBT.cia to the ROOT of your SD card and create a folder name badges.

    2) Install the GYBT.cia with your favorite .CIA installer.

    3) Created a custom badge regular size (64x64) or big size (64x128) in .PNG format and place it in the Badge folder that you created in the ROOT of your SD Card.

    4) In your 3ds run the GYBT.cia and it will automatically install your custom badge.

    Picture example of custom badges:


    If you want to go back to only official badges. Go to the Badge Arcade help desk.
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    7 Lug 2021
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