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3DS NRTFCW Support video output on New 3DS Only!

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    Myself nor www.REBOOT.ms are responsible for any damage cause to your Nintendo 3DS or 3DSXL. Please read the tutorial carefully to Ensure no issues.

    Credits: coolwdp, it was smoke, and urherenow pdapanda (in English tutorial)


    This only works for NEW 3DS so please do not try it in your OLD 3DS. This method work in my NEW 3DSXL Sysnand Ver. 9.2.0-20U and Emunand Ver. 10.7.0-32U running Arm9loaderHax with AuReinand Ver.4.2. It works with AuReinand or Reinand with Emunand Ver.10.2 or higher as long as your replace the firmware.bin with the Ver.10.2 firmware.bin. If you want to switch to a different game, close the game you are running and close the ntrviewer. Re-open the ntrviewer and run your new game. This is in its beta stage so bugs are still being fixed. Be patient and keep trying.

    You'll need your NEW 3DS IP. I got mine via the Homebrew launcher with FTBrony. New 3DS with AuReinand or Reinand.

    Links for Source Code and to Download files:

    Official Github updated:

    Official Download Link: https://github.com/44670/BootNTR/files/212904/NTR_3.4PREVIEW1_STARTER_KIT.zip

    Optional links for downloading files (files I use in my NEW 3DS)




    1)Download the files you'll need from the official download link. You should have the five files listed below. NTRDebugger, NTRViewer, CFW NTR.CIA, firmware.BIN and ntr.BIN

    2)Copy to the ROOT of your SD Cart the ntr.bin and CFW NTR.CIA. Copy to your AuReinand or Reinand folder in the ROOT of your SD cart the firmware.bin to replace the firmware.bin already in the folder.



    DS: / aurei
    DS: /aurei/firmware.bin


    3)Install the FCW NTR.CIA with your favorite CIA installer. Open the CFW NTR.CIA from your NEW 3DS home menu. You'll see the FCW NTR.CIA running some patches and your top screen will flash blue. Once is done it will take you back to your home menu. If the patching fails exit the FCW NTR and try again.

    upload_2016-4-13_22-24-59.png upload_2016-4-13_22-34-19.png

    4)Back at your home menu Press the Y and X buttons at the same to get into the NTR CFW 3.4 Preview1 menu. Select Enable Debugger by moving the * down with your arrow keys and pressing the A button. This will take you back to your home menu. If your NEW 3DS get stock at a black screen just press the HOME button and close the FCW NTR app. The NTR CFW should still work.

    5)Back in your computer and inside the NTRDebugger folder you'll find the ntrclient.exe, right click on it and
    Run As Administrator. The NTR Debugger window will open. You'll need to enter two commands at the bottom of the
    NTR Debugger window. If everything works close the NTR Debugger.

    First command
    connect('your NEW 3DS IP', 8000) press enter. You'll see Server connected under your Ip if the connection worked.

    Second command
    remoteplay() press enter.

    6)Inside the NTRViewer folder you'll find ntrviewer.exe right click it to Run As Administrator and click on allow access. Two windows will open the ntrviewer and another window showing information of the ntrviewer.

    Example of the Video output:


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