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3DS PicHaxx: New secondary exploit found on Pokemon Picross (FREE on eShop)

Discussione in 'English Forums' iniziata da StandardBus, 21 Giu 2016.

  1. StandardBus

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    15 Dic 2014
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    MrNbaYoh posted a Tweet saying that Pokemon Picross (downloadable for free from the Nintendo eShop) is exploitable in order to launch homebrews on all 3DS' 11.0 or lower.
    He didn't released anything for now, but he invited anyone that needs a secondary ARM11 userland exploit to download it.
    In a recent tweet he published a video as proof of the existence of the exploit.

    MrNbaYoh already released the Basehaxx in the past, that's a valid exploit found by him on Pokemon ORAS (both physical and eShop versions), so the news come from a reliable source.

    Who needs Pichaxx?

    Pichaxx is a secondary exploit, and it means that you already need a method to launch Smea's Homebrew Launcher in order to install it.
    The bad news is that Pokemon Picross comes only as an eShop download, so you can't pass it from a console to another as happens with OOThax (Zelda Ocarina of Time secondary exploit).

    So the PicHaxx is useful to those who have a way to borrow an exploitable game cartridge in order to install the exploit to Pokemon Picross... or owns a 3DS that has the ability to install MenuHax (max 10.5) or launch Homebrew Launcher via BrowserHax (10.5 max).
    PicHaxx anyway gives access only to ARM11 userland (i.e. boot homebrews and emulators, but no downgrade and no CFW).

    Nintendo will remove Pokemon Picross from the eShop?

    Nintendo has not always removed games after the discoveral of secondary exploits.
    Zelda Ocarina of Time, for example, is still available on eShop, and the new "Nintendo Selects" cartridges still are compatible with the exploit, even if has been put on sale a long time after the discovery.

    On the other side Nintendo patched IronHax (IronFall invasion exploit) very fast, asking users to install an update for the game that perma-patched his specific vulnerability.
    You can still download IronFall, but only with the latest update of the game.

    Pokemon Picross is a free and complete game, so we can assume that Nintendo will do something to prevent users from use what's considered a dangerous flaw from the company point of view.
    Download it while it's available and don't install updates if requested.
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