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WiiU 3DS [TUTORIAL] How to remove parental control

Discussione in 'English Forums' iniziata da Filo97, 21 Mag 2016.

  1. Filo97

    Filo97 VOCALOIDando!

    31 Ago 2015
    Like ricevuti:
    Did you buyed an used console and parental control was active, and as such, that limited what you could do with them? Are you parents and you forgot the PIN? No problems, i know how to fix this!

    In this tutorial i will explain how to remove parental control withouth knowing the PIN or calling nintendo!

    1. Enter settings, and go in Parental control.
    2. When it asks for PIN or secret question, choose "forgot"
    3. it should give you your enquiry number
    4. go on mkey.salthax.org and in system date, put the date you setted on the system (when i am translating this guide, it is 21/05/2016 )
    5. insert the enquiry number where it asks (withouth spaces)
    6. Click GO, you will have the master key.
    7. on the 3ds/wii u now press OK , and put the master key
    8. You unlocked the parental control!

    I am not responsable if your children use this to bypass the protections.

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